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Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning LondonCurtain Cleaning services by Carpet Clinic

We clean all types of curtains in situ and offer a ‘no shrinkage’ guarantee for this service.

The benefits of having curtains cleaned on site are that the customer does not have to take them down, never has bare windows and does not have to re-hang them.

Some curtains may be unsuitable for cleaning on site, so we offer a take down, clean in our factory and re-hanging service.

Further Curtain Cleaning Information

It is worth noting that water based stains such as condensation will not be removed in the dry cleaning process.This also applies to damage cause by light/sun degradation which turns the fabric brown and brittle will also not be removed in the curtain cleaning process.

The Carpet Clinic technician will begin the curtain cleaning process by thoroughly vacuuming the curtains, pleats, pelmets, swags,tails etc. We will then use a cleaning method that will preserve the integrity of the colour and the fabric of your curtains.

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