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Stain Removal

Stain Removal London

We offer a comprehensive stain removal service.

Our experienced and fully trained technicians will treat, and can usually remove stains including tea, coffee, fruit juices, tar, candle wax, vomit, blood and most, unwelcome stains.

Further Stain Removal Information

All spills and stains should be treated as quickly as possible and in the correct
manner – See Stain Removal guide- this will help prevent permanent staining.We advise only using products that are woolsafe approved as many shop bought products, whilst may remove the stain could also remove some fibre dye as some contain bleaching agents.

Use terry towels or absorbent paper and apply pressure to the stain and repeat this ‘blotting’. Do not brush or rub the stain as this can have the effect of ‘setting’ the stain into your fibres and/or create pile damage.

Please be aware that some stains MAY cause permanent damage, the more common of these are foodstuffs containing food dyes, cosmetics, natural plant dyes and hot drinks.

Always be aware that no guarantee can be given for the complete removal of any stain.

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