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Oriental and Hand Made Rugs

Oriental Hand Crafted Rugs

Specialist Oriental Hand made rugs cleaning

Carpet Clinic offers an on-site clean for your area rugs and a more thorough factory clean –See factory clean below- for your investment quality rugs.

We will clean hand knotted, hand woven flat weave, tufted or hooked, needlepoint, braide, Flokati and machine made rugs. Quality Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, wools of New Zealand, Chinese Tientsin, Royal Keshan, Afghan, Peshawar, Ziegler, Kilims and more.

Good maintenance of your investment quality rugs would include at least weekly vacuuming, frequent rotation of rugs in high traffic areas ensuring even wear and professional rug cleaning on a regular basis.

Factory Cleaning process

On arrival at the factory they are visually inspected for any possible defects in terms of poor condition that may worsen in the cleaning process, including the fringes. If there is anything untoward, the client is informed. At this stage a colour test may well be appropriate if there is a concern about dye bleeding.

The next stage is to lay the rug flat, face down on a vibro beating machine – the auto equivalent of the old fashioned method of hanging the rug on a washing line and using a beating stick to get the dust out – The machine incorporates small flails that revolve at speed ‘beating’ the rug to loosen dirt and grit. This is combined with a light suction process, ‘sucking’ out the dirt and grit in addition.

It is now determined whether the rug cleaning will be ‘dry’ or ‘wet’. The vast majority of rugs we send to the factory are wet cleaned.

As every rug is different, then essentially every rug is cleaned differently. Like carpet cleaning if there are any stains or marks, ‘spotting’ is done before a pre-spray and then a wash or rinse through and extraction with warm water. There are three types of clean, Dry, Wet and Excessively Wet.

The rugs are then dried overnight and depending on the backing are laid flat or hung and hung off centre to avoid rucking. Once this has been done the whole process is repeated again, so every rug has a double wash.

This is obviously a process that cannot be replicated on-site. We also have the ability to repair, re-weave, re-stitch and bind rugs. It must be borne in mind that it is impossible to get the same fibres, so these are colour matched as closely as possible.

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